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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers FAQ

Who is Echo?
Echo is a transportation management company. We buy freight on behalf of thousands of shippers, giving us leverage. Our negotiators are in the market on a daily basis, giving Echo an advantage over using one carrier or another.

What does the Echo Freight Calculator do?
This Freight Calculator will estimate the costs of shipping your purchase to you. The seller has pre-loaded the shipping information so Echo knows whatís being shipped. You enter your destination information and we estimate the charges for you.

When should I use Echo?
It is more cost efficient to ship an item over 150 lbs. on a less than truckload shipment than parcel service. Your package shares space with other packages, and costs are shared. If your shipment weighs more than 8,000 lbs, you may need a truckload shipment.

Standard procedure for common carriers involves a truck driver backing up to a dock to be loaded by the consignor (shipper), and driving the cargo to the receiving destination to be unloaded by the consignee (buyer). Any services besides loading and uploading may require additional fees.

Why canít I add these charges to my purchase?
The cost you get from the Echo Freight Calculator is just an estimate. You should call your seller if you need to know the specific costs of your shipment.

When will I get billed for shipping?
Depending on the Seller, you may receive a bill for shipping once you have purchased the product or after the product has been delivered.

Why is my bill different than my estimated cost through Echo?
The transportation market changes daily. Rates go up and down based on demand, supply or fuel. Depending on what day you estimated the charges and the day the shipper placed the shipment, the shipping costs may go up or down slightly.

Sellers FAQ

How do I insert the Echo freight calculator into my auction site?
Inserting the freight calculator can be done by completing the following simple steps:
1. Call 866.349.6845 or email and become an Echo shipper
2. Generate the HTML code and insert it onto your auction site
3. The Echo calculator will now appear on the auction site
4. After the auction is closed, contact Echo online or at 800.354.7993 to book the shipment

Is it my responsibility to call the carrier after scheduling with Echo?
Please do not call the freight carrier as it will duplicate the pickup. When you schedule with Echo, we contact the carrier electronically.

What happens if the shipment isnít ready for the driver?
In most cases, the driver will not wait. The driver will be dispatched for the following day, which will result in a delay of your service. If the carrier charges Echo for the duplicated pickup, you will be responsible for the fee.

Can I schedule a shipment and have it picked up on the same day?
Shipments can be scheduled and picked up on the same day, however this cannot be guaranteed due to our carriers' capacity. Please allow a 4-hour window before your docks close so Echo can get a driver dispatched to your location within that same day. Carriers generally make pickups in the afternoon and deliver in the morning.

What is a NMFC number?
NMFC is a numeric indicator used by LTL shippers that identifies the type of product that is being shipped. The National Motor Freight Association presets these product classifications quarterly. Be sure to include the NMFC number to accurately identify each product you ship on the Bill of Lading in order to avoid re-classification charges. You can contact Echo at 800.354.7993 to determine the NMFC number for your products.

Are your rates guaranteed?
Echo has relationships with thousands of regional and national carriers. To make certain that you receive the quoted rate, provide the driver with a copy of the Echo BOL. Doing this informs the carrier to bill the shipment using Echoís pre-negotiated rates.

What happens if I receive a bill directly from a carrier?
Upon receiving a bill, simply call our customer service department at 800.354.7993 and fax a copy of the bill you received. Our staff will be happy to ensure that the charges are properly credited. This situation usually occurs when the Echo BOL is not used. To prevent this situation from recurring, please make sure that the driver has a copy of the automated Echo BOL for each shipment.

What is dimensional weight?
Dimensional weight is a standard formula that uses a package's density to determine freight charges. These charges are based on the gross weight of the shipment or the dimensional weight of the shipment; whichever is greater.

Can I estimate the weight of my shipment?
Weights can be estimated, however if an inaccurate weight or class is used and a shipment has to be reweighed or re-classed by the carrier, the additional costs may be passed on to you. Reweighing may also result in a delayed delivery.

What is the claims process?
Claims are handled directly between the shipper, consignee and the carrier. Echo is not involved in the process and has no influence in the carrier's claim decision. Be sure to always be as specific as possible in noting damage and file a claim immediately, or as soon as possible, after delivery. Echo representatives can assist you on filing a claim and provide the proper forms.

What should I do with the Bill of Lading?
The buyer, seller and carrier should all have a copy of the Bill of Lading. It is essential that the BOL be given to the truck driver when the pickup is made. Be sure to keep one copy for your records.

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